Why You Don’t Build A Tolerance To CBD Over Time

People who ask about tolerance with CBD, should understand that it would be like building a tolerance to your body’s own blood production program, or some other required bodily fluid

all mammals with a central nervous system produce CBD through the Endo cannabinoid system, which is a system that produces  a CBD like product that is used for management stabilization sometimes referred to as Homeostasis

The Endo cannabinoid system is believed to be the second largest self-regulating system in the human body, And was discovered by three scientists in 1964

Discrepancies in the function of the ECS are thought to contribute to various musculoskeletal and neurologic dysfunctions, However, research has been delayed because of the misunderstanding of the relationship of CBD and the cannabis plant, it has only recently been added to healthcare curriculums  in the United States

CBD Is only found in one other source outside of mammals…. That’s right it’s the cannabis plant.  It is one of over 110 constituents in the cannabis plant referred to as cannabinoids, and has become recently famous because of its effect with many healthcare complaints.  The most impressive being that of possible seizure control

CBD became so important that the federal government applied for, and was granted a patent on the product in 2003 through the Department of Health and Human Services

Currently CBD has become one of the most commonly asked questions by patients  when it comes to pain, stress, anxiety and/or sleep interruption

When we use CBD from the hemp plant is referred to as a phytocannabinoid, most commonly taken sublingually, CBD from the hemp plant can be provided without a prescription because of the low THC levels, however CBD from marijuana plants require prescriptions and are under the jurisdiction of the DEA because of the psychoactive effect….. That’s why it is best that patients consult a trained healthcare provider before considering CBD integration

Patients must consider dosing, contraindications, interaction with current medication and understand what effects, if any, it would have on their complaints…. It is important to understand that not all patients take the same dosage for all problems.  In fact, some problems respond better to low dosing, and some patients may require higher doses, even though they are very young, very old, or have low body mass.

The realm of caring is a great resource.  Co-managed by Johns Hopkins University it can provide information from their research database available to the public, we have provided free patient consultation in person, online and via the phone for a little over 3 1/2 years which has helped provide additional data as it relates to patient profiles.

The good news is, that CBD provides high potential for relief with very low risk with proper guidance, and certainly meets the criteria for a conservative approach for non-serious medical complaints.

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